Reasons to quit FIFA Mobile

As of FIFA Mobile 19 back in 2018, I played FIFA Mobile actively. I put hundreds of euros in the game and I am (and still stay) a part of the community.

I now decided to stop playing FIFA Mobile actively. Here are some good resons for you to also do so:

1. EA’s community splitting policy

As of this season, it is not possible anymore to play against mates from another region. This does not only causes various community splitting, but also raises a new problem: VPN users are constantly destroying the connection in H2H matches.

Not only in-game but also in the community itself, EA is splitting the community. This is actively done by constantly creating new Discord servers for special regions only: Like India, Latin America, Arabic.

2. EA’s price policy

Starting this season, EA raised some very problematic and not user-friendly options to invest real money to the game. This includes also, but not only packs with a 1% – 2% chance to get a player which is actually not increasing in any way. There were even reports about a decreasing probability.

Also, the gap between F2P and P2W was extremely increasing this season, as EA holds the possible player ratings and even the amount of players to get low, but the paid content like Star Passes valuable.

3. EA’s cheating policy

Even just after release of FIFA Mobile 22, there were already several hackers, using hacks for account leveling. Now, there is still a bunch of hackers and cheaters (and no, I’m explicitly not talking about leaks).

This has been a problem for years now, it is commonly known, but EA is not able to add some very very simple anti-cheating functions like limiting the amount of goals possible to score in LvL. Some cheaters posted screenshots of their accounts with 175 goals in LvL. It would not be hard to just ban these people instead of adding useless chat filters in league chats.

4. EA’s event policy

This has even been a problem last year. I remember some events which were (actually) copied from the season before, just replaced with new cards (f.e. Marquee Stars in FM21). EA has no new ideas, and if there were at least some new ideas at the beginning of FM21, now there are no at all.

This season with the default event duration of more than 40 days, it has become even more boring to play like one hour to complete all tasks on a daily base. Star Passes become unusable at least when it occurs that you need to complete all the daily and weekly tasks, all daily skill games from all possible events and half an hour of DR every day just to get level 100 in the first (!) Star Pass.

5. EA’s OVR and leveling policy

Keeping the OVR low was a wish of the community in years like last, where there were 120 OVR players as the season was one and a half year long. But it is even worse to keep OVRs on a constant level for about two months! The OVR not increasing for several weeks during various events, the community has no more desire to play the events daily anymore. Playing hours every day must bring at least some decent rewards, instead giving them only to P2W users.

Also, it is not possible anymore to build your actual dream squad as promised in their advertisements (they lie). As EA removed leveling nearly at all, it is not possible anymore to use your dream players or players from your favourite squad, if they are not on one level with Bayern München, Chelsea (LOL, banned from UCL event without explanation due to Abaramovic) or Mancheser. Simply removing the ability to push “bad” players, EA destroys themed squads.

6. Several more points

There are several more points which destroy the game, like the sometimes totally unbalanced market, a training and OVR system no one understands (not even FIFARenderZ), a profit oriented event model (like multiple passes for a single event). I am sure you will probably find more points if you just think about it.

It has always been an idea to stop playing FIFA Mobile on a daily base, but continue with my themed squad (which is not possible anymore as of EA’s new training system). I will still make this step as I’m just bored and continuing to play FIFA Mobile is just a waste of time for me. I am gonna continue playing on a not.daily base with my themed squad, now sadly with a low OVR (currently 77).

3 thoughts on “Reasons to quit FIFA Mobile

  1. Valid points

    Thay do those surveys after every event only to never open that folder again !

    They really need to start listening to the community !

  2. You are right my brother. This game is boring, only for p2w players, star pass becomes useless….

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