FM Leaks

FIFA Mobile Korea Leaks?

Today, I somehow managed it to get the CDN (content delivery network) URL of FIFA Mobile Korea (which seems to be the same as for FIFA Mobile Japan). This is necessary to leak FIFA Mobile Korea / Japan players.

What does that mean?

As this is the basis for leaks, there might be FIFA Mobile Korea Leaks in the future.

Consider these facts which speak against the fact that there will soon be FIFA Mobile Korea leaks:

  • As FIFA Mobile 22 will release soon, it is not confirmed how long FIFA Mobile Korea will continue. But it seems as it will at least start into the new season (I think I’ve heard FM Japan has already started into the new season?).
  • I currently don’t know anything about how events in FIFA Mobile Korea work. But to leak, it’s quite important to analyze previous and future events, check social media channels, etc. Consider the fact I can’t speak a single word Korean or Japanese.
  • The “access points” have a very weird scheme, including version numbers (example FFM_2021-12-03_20-19_v7.12.09.56338). I don’t know yet, but it could be that you can only find new players if you have the version numbers of the new versions.

This fact speaks for it:

  • The access points act like the ones I know from FIFA Mobile Global. They have nearly the same response time, and trial leaks with previous events already worked.
  • It’s not hard to include the FIFA Mobile Korea CDN access points into my existing system. Like the FM 22 Beta, it works pretty well together with all my components like my personal dashboard, as well as with Twitter, Telegram, the newsletter and Discord.

I will keep you up-to-date on my Twitter channel and tell you if I have a final result.

Interesting to know

The story how I found the CDN is very weird. I really don’t know why, but it was literally in my Google Chrome configuration files (I really don’t know how). I found it by scanning my whole computer.