Welcome guys! My name is Nexo, maybe you know me from fumoc or leaks_fm.

I’m planning a big new website for live FIFA Mobile market prices. Here’s everything you have to know about it:

What is the basic idea?

FIFAPrizee will contain FIFA Mobile 22 players and their live market prices. There will be an own domain for the app.

There might be an official Android app, which unfortunately wont be available in the Google Play Store.

Will it include all players?

The amount of players included is not known at the moment, as it depends on several factors like how many (virtual/physical) devices will FIFAPrizee use, and what kind of. It will be at least 5000 players, up to every player. We will prefer event players before basic players and higher-rated basic players before lower-rated basic players.

At the moment, it seems as the players prices will be updated hourly, but this can very per player. We will also analyze the FIFA Mobile 22 market to see how quick prices change there. Players will not be available on FIFAPrizee until they are available on the market.

When will it be released?

The estimated launch date is the beginning of the new FIFA Mobile 22 season, but it may be later.

We will have five development stages:

  1. General conception
  2. Code conception
  3. Coding: FIFA Mobile connection
  4. Coding: Backend
  5. Coding: Admin Frontend
  6. Coding: Frontend
  7. Release

We are currently at stage 3/4.

FIFAPrizee and FIFARenderZ

As expected there should be a FIFARenderZ version for FIFA Mobile 22. But there won’t be a real overlap, as FIFARenderz is specialised on attributes and the cards themselves, but FIFAPrizee will be specialised on the market prices. At this time, I can’t even confirm there will be the (visual) cards of the players. There might even be links to the FIFARenderZ player pages.

FIFAPrizee is technically and from it’s concept not inspired by FIFARenderZ in any way. BUT … as you can easily see, FIFARenderZ inspired the name choice of FIFAPrizee.


There will be an official FIFAPrizee API for developers. It wont be allowed to use the API for bulding own websites whose functionality is similar to FIFAPrizee. We will limit the amount of requests by requiring API keys.

Guest hosts

UPDATE 2021/12/21: There won’t be guest hosts as there was a change in the way FMPrizee works.

Depending on how many players we can display, there might be the functionality for “guest hosts”. This basically means you are installing a minimal FIFAPrizee software on any (virtual or physical) Android phone to contribute prices to FIFAPrizee.

You will be able to chose which (search options) to include. For example, you can chose your favourite club or league if it’s not included in the official bot(s). Multiple search options will be supported, as well as a shorter interval than the default 60 minutes, for example if you want to have more accurate results. There will be official agreements for guest hosts.

The prices generated from the guest hosts will be displayed on the official site, but in an extra community section to avoid abuse.