FIFAPrizee Progress Blog 5

It has been more than two months now since FIFAPrizee was released to the public.

Release in general

The release in general was quite good and I received a bunch of good feedback. The site went online for everyone on February 22, 2022 at 22:22:22 MET, after a countdown. It had to be taken offline for some hours due to internal problems, but was available then for the most of time. Uptime Robot is showing a 95% uptime:

Player refreshes

These uptimes are being caused by maintenances to add new players. Except of some mistakes, maintenances should not take more than 4 hours in the future. We also plan to avoid maintenances at all by improving the player refresh system for existing events.

New feautures

Since the release, we got some new features, for example the FIFARenderZ connection (more about this later), the squad builder and the Discord bot (also more about this later).

Missing region

We started with quite few regions, but added more regions fastly. As the first five regions were actually sponsored, the sixth region was self-funded and it is quite likely that the seventh and last will also be.

Also, thanks to everyone who donated: We received 95€ until now. Huge thanks to for donating 65€. With the donated money, we were able to finance important equipment for FIFAPrizee. This made it possible to invest other money into the sixth region. We need about 80 € more for the seventh region, so go and donate here:

FIFARenderZ integration

Some people misunderstood the FIFARenderZ integration as I announced it in a tweet. As FIFARenderZ currently does not have the time for a further collaboration, I decided to build a integration anyway, which I didn’t profit from at all.

Some people thought I would steal data for my own purpose (and I’m not as FIFARenderZ told me to not do that). The only purpose for the integration is to add the FIFARenderZ links on the website which is literally only an advantage for FIFARenderZ. Of course it would be possible to use the integration for a further collaboration in the future, but not now.

While developing, I was somehow inspired a bit too much from FIFARenderZ and he told me to change the site design. And I can understand his opinion (cause the site actually seems like a design copy of FIFARenderZ). I will try to change the site design once I’ve got some more time.

Discord bot

In the past few weeks, I developed a Discord bot for FIFAPrizee which makes it possible for everyone to browse through the FIFA Mobile market straight from Discord and also to set up reminders for market refresh times.

The bot is currently used in 90 servers, so I approved for a verification last week to be allowed to join more than hundred servers and of course to show everyone that my bot is secure and trustable. There is no final response yet but they already said that everyone is looking good at the moment.

You can add the bot here: