FIFAPrizee Progress Blog 4

Five days to go for the new FIFA Mobile season! I have a very hard schedule for programming now, and I expect to be able to start with the final tests straight after release.

Important News

  • There is now a price reminder tool for FIFAPrizee. This means that you will be able to set up a notification to get notified when a players price changes. Therefore, there is now a Telegram integration in FIFAPrizee to receive notifications with Telegram. You can also receive via e-mail.
  • Although most people voted for Indian Subcontinent as market region, FIFAPrizee will run in EU-West at beginning. I decided to take this step at least at beginning of the, until we have more data about the ping on foreign regional servers.
  • The estimated launch date is exactly one week after FIFA Mpbile 22 release. It might still change as we currently don’t know what will happen in the tests.
  • FIFAPrizee will first start with one host, this means that there will be around 1,300 players which refresh every hour. We hope to be able to increase this amount after some days.
  • FIFAPrizee will be distributed on Android appstores like Amazon Appstore, APKPure and Aptoide. It will not be available in Google Play Store or Apple App Store. You will be able to “Add to homescreen” to get FIFAPrizee as a standalone app.


I am searching for mods for FIFAPrizee. If you are interested, apply via Discord or Twitter with a private message. These are your tasks:

  • Tell the bot if there are new players every evening (via Discord).
  • Correct wrong prices and player names based on screenshots.