FIFAPrizee Progress Blog 3

It’s now exactly 29 days (and 17 development days) since the development of FIFAPrizee started.

DISCLAIMER: Prices at screenshots below are NOT real!

The public site is finished

The biggest news is: The whole public website is finished now. It is available at (but still locked). This means: The screenshots you can see below (except of some smaller changes which may occur) show the finished site! Below, you can also see the mobile app layout for the very first time! There will an APK file for Android devices, but the “Add to home screen” feature is also supported for Android, iOS and PC.

The staff area is (almost) finished

The staff area is almost finished (screenshot below). This is the area for me to manage and fix wrong prices and players, generate access codes or perform any other staff action. Depending on how good the bot works, we will have more proved staff for fixing wrong prices and players.

Connection between FIFA Mobile and FIFAPrizee

Although I already built the bot before building the public website, there are still two big points I have to include. First is a handler for players which occur more than one time in the same event, or “loops” (sequences of search filters) which overlap.

I also still don’t exactly know which virtual machine to use (as there will be three virtual machines running parallely with FIFA Mobile). I have to program a way to handle multiple virtual machines and to pass them different commands.

I may be able to finish the first full, official, untested release of the FIFAPrizee bot in two weeks. As the release of FIFA Mobile 22 should be in like three weeks, I should be able to finish it before and then instantly start with tests and debugging with FIFA Mobile 22.


Update: There wont be an API, at least at release. There may be an API later.