FIFAPrizee Progress Blog 2

It’s now exactly 18 days (and 8 development days) since the development of FIFAPrizee started.

current status

The bot was finished yesterday. Unfortunately, it is not possible to test it at the moment, because the FIFA Mobile 22 beta has closed recently.

I am currently working at the frontend (the site you see at the end + the development dashboard). I am planning to build the website on the base of the new design of, including the account registration and login.

release date

I am 100% sure that I will be able to finish the (untested) project completely until the release of FIFA Mobile 22.

After the release of FIFA Mobile 22, I will have to test the whole application (including some performance tests, and, most important, tests under real conditions (which may take about three days). It’s still not confirmed at all how many players we will be able to display (between 1500 and 5000 if there’s a refreshion rate of one hour, or the double if there’s a refreshion rate of two hours).

The aim is to release the public beta (!) like seven days after the release of the new season. As it will start as a beta, there will be much bugs and failures.


As there will be different markets for different regions in FIFA Mobile 22, the website has to chose one region. Depending on how (bad) the performance with a foreign region (from me) will be, I won’t be able to offer another region than mine.

But: There is a high chance that there is the possibility for offer another region than mine (EU-West). So go and vote for your region:

I will be back with another progress blog next week. Stay tuned and follow the Twitter page @nexokicker for daily updates!